Shipping your packages and documents will never be easier. Compare courier rates and services for domestic and international shipping in one place. Manage delivery speeds easily by choosing among same day, next day or economy options.

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Get the best rate and service for your business. We know that acquiring new customers is hard and that retaining them is the hardest part. Safe Arrival solutions fit all business sizes and requirements. Our technology will keep you on top of your business.

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Why Safe Arrival?
Track your parcel and get Real-time updates
Best rates

Safe Arrival offers competitive rates that suit your budget


Ship your parcels to more than 120 countries

Urgent & same day

Request urgent or same delivery within the UAE & KSA

Select courier

Over 35 trusted courier companies

API Integration

Safe Arrival plug-in allows your customers to book from your website checkout page

Cash on delivery

Collect payment upon delivery with our professional COD services


Book on the go through mobile app

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With Safe Arrival you will be able to ship your parcels to more than 120 countries all over the world within one to four business days, and select the courier that suits your needs and budget.

In addition, you can request urgent or same delivery within the UAE, and you can easily pay through cash on delivery or by credit and debit cards.

You can book via mobile app and website at your convenience. Safe Arrival certainly saves your time, money and efforts.

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Are you an online business owner and need to deliver less than 50 orders per day? Do you know that the speed and quality of delivery play a vital role in your business?

Safe Arrival will provide you with offers specifically customized for start-ups to reduce cost and boost their sales.

Safe Arrival also has special plans for SMEs working in online and retail businesses with more than 50 orders per day, to overcome the challenge of creating multiple orders & uploading CSV files for bulk orders, tracking existing orders, and ease managing cash flow.

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Download Safe Arrival App


Set the pickup location


Set the drop-off location


Enter shipment details


Ready? Submit & track your order


Manage your COD

What We Have Achieved So Far?

Safe Arrival owns more than 25 warehouses over the KSA and UAE used as a pick up locations and storage hub.


More than 270 merchants use Save Arrival delivery services to connect with couriers in the UAE & KSA

Logistic partners

Connected to Safe Arrival to fulfill our merchants and customers needs

Active Customers

More than 350k people over the UAE & KSA use Safe Arrival to place or receive orders

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