Are you an E- Commerce business owner? Are you looking for a logistic solutions that will help you to grow your business successfully? Safe Arrival is your solution!

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Why Safe Arrival?
Best Courier Rates
Safe Arrival offers competitive rates that fits your business needs.
Door-to-Door Delivery

Safe Arrival deliver from your doorstep to end consumer.

Cash on Delivery service

Manage your cash flow and transactions wherever you are.

Customer Support

Contact our customer support team for any assistance.

Cross-Platform (Web/App)

Create and track your orders through our App or Website.

Customer Dashboard

Create, filter and track your shipments through your dashboard.

Bulk/CSV Upload

Upload and organize all your orders in one go.

API Integration

Safe Arrival API plugin is available for different e-commerce platforms.

What we offer
Last Mile

Understanding the imortance of Last Mile Delivery service as the last link in a supply chain, Safe Arrival creates for you the most efficient and cost-effective E-Commerce solutions.

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Warehousing & Fulfillment

Whether you run a small E-commerce business, or you need extra space to store your goods, Safe Arrival provides you with more than 25 SFDA approved, State-of-Art System warehouses across KSA.

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Land Transportation

Our transportation service includes planning, implementing and controlling procedures in order to provide the most efficient and effective service for your business needs.

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Cross Border

In order to expand our services, we have developed unique system and strategic partnerships to create solutions to connect you with the whole world.

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With Safe Arrival you get…

Switch to Safe Arrival!
Downsize your fleet or add them to our fleet, and integrate your messengers to our network today.

We do the running — You benefit

More sales

Same day delivery creates an amazing shopping experience in 3  simple steps. Order > Receive > Celebrate

Customer loyalty

Delighted customers return to you again and again.. and bring prospects!


Fast, safe, innovative delivery will become one of your key advantages.

Tech & tools

An application that provides the opportunity to connect customers, couriers, and merchants. Merchants are also equipped with API.

Cash on delivery

If your customers are paying with cash, we will collect it from them and transfer it to you.

Save money and time

Pay as you go. No upfront capital costs of keeping fleet and drivers. No prepaid expenses or fixed minimum payments. No need to worry about delivery needs — we’ve got you covered.

Safe Arrival is a three-sided marketplace connecting merchants, customers and courier companies through innovative technology.

Increase your sales by offering competitive prices while simultaneously gaining the added convenience of more time to focus on your products — we will take care of the rest.

Save time, money and effort. Besides, we offer special deals and added support for your business through our unique delivery services.

Plug & Play

With Safe Arrival API you can:

Calculate your parcel price (based on the location you provide)

Manage your orders and cash on delivery COD transactions with the Merchant Cabinet.

Create and cancel delivery orders

With Safe Arrival, your customers get the ultimate shopping experience without ever having to leave home or carry those heavy bags!

As a WordPress user you can install the Woocommerce plugin and download our WordPress plugin to gain greater benefits from our service; the same goes for Shopify and Magento platforms. Have another platform for ecommerce? Contact our I.T. team and we’ll happily integrate your application with Safe Arrival.

Creating multiple orders using our website is simple and saves you time.

Delivery Options
Starting from
48 AED
For international only
Next day
Starting from
24 AED
Within 36 hours
For domestic only
Same day
Starting from
45 AED
Within 8 hours
For domestic only
Starting from
95 AED
Within 4 hours
Inside city only
What We Have Achieved So Far?

Safe Arrival owns more than 25 warehouses over KSA used as a pick up locations and storage hub


More than 270 merchants use Safe Arrival delivery services to manage their business

Logistic partners

Connected to Safe Arrival to fulfill our merchants and customers needs

Active Customers

More than 350k people over  KSA use Safe Arrival to place or receive orders

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