Cross Borders

In order to expand our services, we have developed unique system and strategic partnerships to create solutions to connect you with the whole world.

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Demands and needs for international delivery are constantly growing.
Some of the challenges you might face during international delivery are payment methods, custom clearance, foreign exchange rates.

In order to provide international transportation services, we have developed strategic partnerships that will ensure air freight and sea freight complimentary services for your business needs and create solutions at any cost.

One of the Safe Arrival goals is to make the same E-Commerce experience even if you require cross border services.

In order to achieve that goal, driven by technology innovation, Safe Arrival has developed a platform that connects you with the rest of the world through a simple process to follow.

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How it works


Download Safe Arrival App


Set the pickup location


Set the drop-off location


Enter shipment details


Ready? Submit & track your order


Manage your COD

What We Have Achieved So Far?

Safe Arrival owns more than 25 warehouses over KSA used as a pick up locations and storage hub


More than 270 merchants use Safe Arrival delivery services to manage their business

Logistic partners

Connected to Safe Arrival to fulfill our merchants and customers needs

Active Customers

More than 350k people over  KSA use Safe Arrival to place or receive orders

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