Warehousing and Fulfillment

Whether you run a small business, or you need extra space to store your goods, Safe Arrival provides you with more than 25 SFDA approved, State-of-Art System warehouses.

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Warehousing and Fulfillment Services

Warehousing in logistics and supply chain management presents storing of goods that will be sold or delivered to the end consumer. As a logistic service, warehousing includes several elements such as:
  • Inventory Management
  • Fulfillment Order
  • Cost Control
  • Security
  • Return Management
These elements require a robust warehouse management system (WMS) to keep control and provide professional and high-quality service.

Warehousing And Fulfillment Services in KSA

Safe Arrival is successfully expanding its warehousing and fulfillment capacities to become more approachable and respond to your business needs the best possible way. All Safe Arrival warehouses use the State of the Art system, are fully equipped, and SFDA approved. Thanks to a robust WMS, all our partners can track and plan their stocks better. The capacity of more than 40 000 pallet positions and access to more than 200 cities and sub-cities makes Safe Arrival your perfect choice as you will get a chance to expand your business and reach more potential customers. All Safe Arrival warehouses have an entire team on board to ensure proper KPI Management and customer satisfaction. Our State of Art System monitors your shipments from the first moment of creation to the final delivery with 100% live feed tracking. Contact us for more logistics inquiries.
Our fulfillment services provide
Receiving, segregating and systematically scanning your goods upon arrival to the hub
Safe and protected storage of your products with constant insight of your inventory
Selecting the ordered products with the most accuracy provided by multiple scanning in our system
Professional and efficient packing of your products to keep them safe during transportation
Laboring documents by request
Fast and safe transportation with track and trace system
What We Have Achieved So Far?

Safe Arrival owns more than 25 warehouses over KSA used as a pick up locations and storage hub


More than 270 merchants use Safe Arrival delivery services to manage their business

Logistic partners

Connected to Safe Arrival to fulfill our merchants and customers needs

Active Customers

More than 350k people over  KSA use Safe Arrival to place or receive orders

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