Land Transportation

Our transportation service includes planning, implementing and controlling procedures in order to provide the most efficient and effective service for your business needs.

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Understanding the importance of land transportation services, Safe Arrival offers a fleet of 400 trucks/trailers connected with all of our warehouses.

We serve FTL and LTL land transport within three days across all KSA.

All 400 trucks/trailers are fully deployed to serve the operations with a precise promise date by city and ensure customer satisfaction while having the live tracking monitoring that provides you constant insights into your shipment.

We have developed a strategic partnership to serve our international transport business. Airfreight, road freight, and sea freight are complimentary services that we do to support our customer’s wishes and ensure solutions are available at any cost.

In order to drive business visibility and delivery management, we tailor-made solutions that suit our customer’s needs in the best possible way.

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We offer
Order loading
Labeling & Documentations
Fleet choice based on type of the shipment
Proof of delivery (POD)
What We Have Achieved So Far?

Safe Arrival owns more than 25 warehouses over KSA used as a pick up locations and storage hub


More than 270 merchants use Safe Arrival delivery services to manage their business

Logistic partners

Connected to Safe Arrival to fulfill our merchants and customers needs

Active Customers

More than 350k people over  KSA use Safe Arrival to place or receive orders

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