Covid-19 Update

How Does It Impact Business and What We Do to Maintain Safety?

March 17, 2020

Rapid expansion of the novel Coronavirus worldwide has caught us all of guard, and overnight changed our daily routines and the ways businesses are conducted.

In order to slow down the spread of the virus and protect people from getting infected, and following the recommendations of the WHO, the local government has imposed various prevention measures, reaching strict “lockdowns”. As a result of which, people had many concerns with regards to securing daily grocery supplies, medications, household products, etc.

Direct delivery remained available, even becoming a necessity, but it brought up the question – is it safe?

As one of the frontlines in this pandemic war, with a mission to support you, safety of our employees and our customers is our number one priority. Which is why we are following all the regulations and policies provided by the government, transportation authorities and the WHO.

What Are The Safety Measures We Have Taken?

We are firm believers in transparency, and understand you may have concerns about shipment safety, and thus wish to share the actions we have taken.

1. Business Continuity Plan

To ensure sustainability during crisis periods, we have activated Covid-19 BCP, adjusted to the Government and Health Authorities requirements, and focusing on:

  • Work from Home or Split Shifts– with social distancing being one of the main preventive measures, we encouraged our non-operational staff to work from home or from the office on rotating shifts basis.
  • Ensuring Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)- proper hygiene is imperative. We have provided all necessary protective equipment to all our employees and we are ensuring they always adhere to their usage.
  • Ensuring Proper Care- in case of any suspected cases, we will ensure to undertake appropriate quarantine measures (including contacts) along with comprehensive sanitization of the working areas.

2. Education

We organized a full educational session to our team to introduce them to the virus, how it spreads, what are the symptoms and what are the measurements they should take in order to keep themselves, their teammates and our customers safe.

3. Increased Hygiene Practice

Hygiene being one of the key prevention approaches reflected on both personal and workspace areas,

  • We regularly sanitize all working space areas, including but not limited to our vehicles and shipments
  • We encourage all our staff to frequently wash their hands and use hand sanitizers
  • We monitor daily the body temperature of our operations team and ask them to immediately report any flu-like symptoms
  • We wear masks, while maintain a Smile underneath them
  • We wear gloves, while avoiding handshakes

We are making sure to update all safety measures continuously while providing you with the best services.

If you would like to know more about the virus or it latest updates, we recommend that you visit the WHO’s official website.

We deliver Happiness, and we do it Safely!

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